Our Company

We have been worldwide selling our puzzles successfully for many years now. Our customers are mainly the owners of online-shops as well as market traders who offer the puzzles on markets, city festivals, village fairs and events, especially on Christmas markets. The fascination you can have for the puzzles is transmitted easily through direct contact with the customers who can try our brain teasers on the market or event.

Our product range includes many high-quality puzzle boxes and puzzle locks. Finding a way to open them offers a big challenge for the puzzler p, string puzzles that knot together the loops of your brain in a magical way, packing puzzles for the whole family, mazes in which you can get lost for days or weeks and many more challenges.

Made in Germany

Siebenstein-Puzzles are produced in Münster, a city in the north west of Germany. At the moment we are operating 3 laser cutters that help us cutting high-quality veneered MDF-boards and a number of patterns. After cutting the puzzles are assembled by handicraft. Then generally the puzzles get a detailed description label and finally they are wrapped in a protecting shrink-foil.

Our own design

A great number of our puzzles have been designed by ourselves and therefore distributors can only get them from us. In addition to that, another part of our product range are traditional puzzles that we have re-designed and give it a fresh look. Most of our puzzles were invented by the creative mind of the company’s founder and present owner Jürgen Reiche, who has been known as inventor and brain puzzles for more than 25 years.

Note for distributors

As we are a small company  with a steadily increasing product range and since all of our puzzles are produced by ourselves, it can happen that a small part of our puzzles may not be available immediately. In order to minimize waiting periods, we usually provide the customer with all the available articles from the order and advise him or her later as soon as the rest of the order is on stock again.


Contact and orders

If you have further questions or if you would like to order our puzzles, please contact us by email. Then we will be pleased to send you our conditions for distributers as well as our current price list. There are no minimum quantity restrictions and we will grant you 5% discount on your first order.

Our contact details:


Heekweg 83

D-48161 Münster



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